The continued initiatives of reducing pressure to our marine resources due to over fishing activities in Davao Gulf is a welcome development for us, considering that fishing industry has substantially contributed to the economy of the Municipality of Lupon. Our marine resources is not just a commodities to be exploited because it supports life and create communities and the declining supply of this commodities within the rich fishing grounds of Davao Gulf only manifest eminent threat to the future generations.

I am absolutely expressing my full support for the implementation of DA-DILG Joint Administrative Order No. 02, “Establishing a Closed Season for the Conservation of Small Pelagic Fishes in Davao Gulf.” These wise and forward-looking policy maybe harsh for complacent-minded people but a noble sacrifice for those who value the future of their children. Being part of the community of local government units surrounding Davao Gulf, I share this obligation to join the campaign in restoring this once bountiful and rich fishing grounds of Davao Gulf.

Lastly, if we want to leave footprints in the sands of time, let us not drag our feet instead we have to walk in oneness towards common direction. Mabuhay ang Davao Gulf.

Municipal Mayor
Lupon, Davao Oriental