Located at the center of Barangay Calapagan, this birthing home or “Bahay-Paanakan” is a facility intended to serve pregnant mothers coming from far-flung villages who, in their advanced stage of pregnancy, would have difficulty travelling to the poblacion or provincial centers to give birth in hospitals or maternity clinics.

This establishment of the Department of Health (DOH) has become very important, most especially in Barangay Don Mariano Marcos, Calapagan and Marayag (DONCAMAR), it encourages pregnant women to give birth only in accredited birthing centers instead in their own homes attended by traditional birth attendants or hilot as this practice has been found to be the cause of the high incidence of maternal deaths.

Mayor Erlinda D. Lim with the Committee on Health Chairperson Hon. Edna B. Bote, the Municipal Health Office and the Barangay Council doing its share to help improve the lives of the people especially in DONCAMAR area Municipality of Lupon, Davao Oriental.