Toddlers from the National Child Development Centers (NCDC) in Lupon availed of free dental services headed by Public Health Dentist – Dr. Merle V. Eviota and dental personnel on board the Municipal Dental Bus of the Local Government of Lupon, Davao Oriental.

These activity have focused on oral health promotion and prevention with the objectives of creating oral health awareness at an early age which include dental immunization through flouride application.

“The objective is to instill oral health awareness so as to maintain good oral health amongst children of pre-school age”, Dr. Eviota said.

Moreover, Ms. Rubie Ann B. Lamanero – Care Development Teacher said, teaching kids about good oral and dental hygiene is deemed necessary nowadays.

Dr. Eviota also distributes free dental kits to young beneficiaries. Each kit contains a toothbrush and toothpaste for the kids.

The air-conditioned dental bus is equipped with two dental beds, basin with faucet, and compartments for medical equipment and medicines serving at its regular medical missions in communities of Lupon.