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Sangguniang Bayan of Lupon

Structure and Composition The Sangguniang Bayan is headed by the Vice Mayor Santos Q. Alonzo, Jr., who serves as the presiding officer during its sessions. Assisting the Vice Mayor are regular Sangguniang Bayan members, each representing a specific sector or district in Lupon. Together, they form the legislative body responsible for crafting laws and regulations… Read More »Sangguniang Bayan of Lupon

The Fire Olympics Ignites Lupon with Victory!

In an exhilarating showcase of courage and camaraderie, the Fire Olympics blazed a trail of triumph through LUPON! Teams from different Accredited Community Disaster Volunteer groups and private establishment’s firefighters coming together to test their mettle in a series of adrenaline-pumping challenges. From heart-racing relay races to intricate rescue simulations, our firefighters showcased their skills… Read More »The Fire Olympics Ignites Lupon with Victory!

Agricultural Extension Caravan in Sitio Sigang

The Charlie (WILDCATS) Company, 66IB in partnership with Municipal Agricultural Office of Lupon and BLGU of Barangay Maragatas conducted an Agricultural Extension Caravan for the people of Sitio Sigang, Barangay Maragatas, Lupon, Davao Oriental on March 26, 2024. This Quick Impact Project includes dispersal of agricultural seeds with fertilizers, deworming of carabao, cows, horses and… Read More »Agricultural Extension Caravan in Sitio Sigang

Empowering Community Volunteers in Basic Firefighting Training

In honor of Fire Prevention Month, the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) Lupon joined forces with the Bureau of Fire Protection Lupon to organize a 3-day Basic Firefighting Training. This collaborative effort aimed to certify and accredit 33 community disaster volunteers hailing from various local businesses, including NCCC, ER, and Central Warehouse Club. Under the guidance of dedicated instructors—FO3 Erle… Read More »Empowering Community Volunteers in Basic Firefighting Training