The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) has turned over a Check for Carabao dispersal as livelihood assistance to farmers in Barangay Maragatas.

The turnover is part of the Agencia Espaniola de Cooperacion International para el Desarrollo (AECID) through the Mainstreaming Peace and Development in Local Governance Program (MPDLGP).

The project is being carried out through P1.5 million pesos aid from the Spanish government.

The MPDLGP is an initiative that focuses on strengthening and promoting conflict-sensitive and peace promoting governance.

Mayor Erlinda D. Lim expressed her appreciation of the assistance given for the people of Lupon, Davao Oriental while LTC Ramon P Zagala said that our government listen and find solution, “we are here for the true solutions and not the revolution”, he noted.

Communities chosen as beneficiaries for the project are situated in Sitios Logdeck, Catumbal, Sigang, Piagdogan, Banaybanay, Karanasan, Tagaras and Maragdao all in Barangay Maragatas and the residents’ main source of income is farming.

Mayor Lim is hopeful that this will help farmers augment their laborforce and help them in their farming which will thereby increase food production.