Lupon Slaughterhouse

The Municipality of Lupon can now sell meat from the Municipal Slaughterhouse to other areas in the country. This after the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) declared that the Lupon Slaughterhouse is a Class “AA” Standard category.

Mr. Rey R. Cabalquinto, Slaughterhouse In-charge, revealed that the NMIS team once again visited the municipal slaughterhouse for this year’s evaluation and noted that the facilities and the sanitary condition of the slaughterhouse is par excellent and maintained.

Cabalquinto explained that having a double-A status can boost the local meat industry as more investors will be enticed to use the facilities of the municipal slaughterhouse.

He cited that the slaughterhouse can caters a maximum of 900 hogs per month, 30 cattle, and 35 goats, with a two shifts of work.

With its double-A status, the municipal slaughterhouse can now accept more animals for slaughtering and this would mean an increase in the local government’s income from the slaughterhouse operations.

It is another source of pride for the municipality to be given a distinction of having a Class AA slaughterhouse which only a few urbanized cities and municipalities in the country achieved.

Along this, the Municipal Slaughterhouse Operation vowed to sustain the municipal slaughterhouse’s high standards of operation in the hope of earning a triple-A status which will make the Municipality of Lupon authorized to export meat in other countries.

Lupon Slaughterhouse Operation