Barangay Officials in the Municipality of Lupon who won during the May 14 elections have been sworn in during the Oath-Taking Ceremony held at the Municipal Gym on June 25, 2018.

Mayor Erlinda D. Lim who administered the oath taking ceremony, said she will continue to assist the different barangays in whatever way it can to ensure that the residents will get the necessary services from the government.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Director Yvette Tolentino-Sunga of the Department of the Interior and Local Government addressed the event with a heartfelt message encouraging all barangay officials to work with unity in order to reach one common goal that will result to better barangay governance. Indeed this was a successful momentous event.

Likewise, Sangguniang Bayan Members Hon. Santos Q. ALonzo, Jr., Hon. Juan A. Maralit, Jr., Hon. Harold A. Montes, Hon. Edna B. Bote, Hon. Gina Y. Libre, Hon. Sani C. Hanani, Hon. Kasan P. Suso and Vice Mayor Hon. Bonso S. Barabag also graced the occasion.

Oath 2018