This year, after two consecutive years of successful conduct of the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index, the National Competitiveness Council, through the help of the Regional Competitiveness Committees, covered 142 Cities and 978 Municipalities out of a total of 1,634 localities.

Based on the framework of the index, these LGUs were ranked on three pillars: Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, and Infrastructure. With the objective to accurately rank the locality’s competitiveness, LGUs were classified according to 4 categories: 3rd to 6th Class Municipalities, 1st to 2nd Class Municipalities, Component Cities, and Highly Urbanized Cities.

img_2685Under the Economic Dynamism Pillar, for the 1st to 2nd Class Municipalities Category, Lupon, Davao Oriental ranked THIRD. The Award were conferred and presented to our Honorable Mayor Domingo A. Lim during the 3rd Regional Competitiveness Summit held on the 16th of July, 2015 at the Philippine International Convention Center – Manila.

The Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index is a program which encourages LGUs to gather and voluntarily submit data which are used to measure their performance on three pillars anchored on global standards: Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, and Infrastructure. Each pillar has indicators which provide a more detailed view of the economic status of the locality.

This program is conducted by the National Competitiveness Council, aligned with the goal to improve the country’s overall competitiveness, through collaborative efforts between the national and local government agencies, and the public and private sectors.