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Lupon to automate business registration with DICT’s eBPLS

    The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) had finished the training to the employees involve in the implementation of the Electronic Business Permit and Licensing System in line with the municipalities’ goal of making the transaction fast and more efficient for Lupon businessmen.

    The 3-day activity was commenced by Lupon Vice Mayor, Hon. Santos Q. Alonzo, Jr. It was attended by the key staffs of the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO), Municipal Treasurer’s Office (MTO), and a representative from the endorsing/regulatory offices in the LGU.

    This User’s Training was facilitated by DICT – MC3 eBPLS Team headed by Engr. Virgil Fuentes. The said training is part of the process before the LGU can launch and adopt the system provided by DICT to streamline its services towards their clients for better and faster delivery of service.

    The eBPLS, set to be launched this year in the Municipality of Lupon, automates the Business Permit application process providing a more organized and efficient approach to the service. Processing of each application, from computation of fees to the generation of the permit, will be purely online. Applicants are also given the option to apply online foregoing the usual hassle of a walk-in applicant.