The Municipal Government of Lupon is recipient to the Local Government Units – Public-Private Partnership for the People (LGU P4) by the DILG Region-XI in Davao City.

It aims to lower and intensify the local implementation of the Public-Private Partnership or PPP through the collaboration of local governments and the private sector as a complement to the financial and technical constraints faced by LGUs.

This collaboration, through programs and projects, is for the more advanced infrastructure services and to address the various local needs towards the growth of the economy of LGUs and our country.

LGU P4 is seen as an innovative way to implement the LGU’s infrastructure projects, which promote the general welfare, inclusive growth, and better quality of life for the people.

In a memorandum circular, DILG said that the LGUs will have adopt a P4 Code, which will establish a transparent and efficient process for the identification, prioritization, procurement and implementation of projects.

LGU-Lupon has identified various projects under PPP, some of which is the Port and Logistics Hub Development and the Fastcraft Ferry Services (Transportation Services). These projects would provide solution to the long travel time of commuters from Davao Oriental to the City of Davao attributed by the increasing and massive traffic build-up in several choke points along the Maharlika Highway. These condition required proactive and long term solution by establishing an Alternative Sea Transport Route via Davao Gulf.

Today, the Port of Lupon has been completed and ready to accommodate Fast Craft berthing. It will create a new gateway to Davao Oriental, increase local economic activity and creates more investment opportunity, hence, create sources of revenues for the local government.

The local government shall aggressively promote the project using several platform that could be access easily by interested locator and will grant fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to investors engage in priority investment areas identified under the Lupon Investment Incentive Code including Fast Craft Ferry Services Project.