HON. ERLINDA D. LIM Office of the Municipal Mayor (87) 808-5089
HON. SANTOS Q. ALONZO, JR. Office of the Municipal Vice Mayor (87) 808-5936
MS. SHARON G. BALINGIT Sangguniang Bayan Secretary (87) 808-5579
ENGR. MINDA C. BRASILEÑO Municipal Planning and Development Office  (87) 808-1435
MS. ELIZABETH JOY G. SOLIDAGA Municipal Budget Office (87) 808-1043
MS. SUBAINA L. ASINAS Municipal Accounting and Internal Audit (87) 808-0345
MS. MARISSA C. GUMOBAO Office for Human Resource Management (87) 808-1456
MS. MARY JANE R. MANTOS Municipal Treasury Office (87) 808-0265
MS. VILMA C. BACALA Municipal Assessor’s Office (87) 808-0313
MR. RABIOLE L. PANTALAN Municipal Agriculture Office (87) 808-1414
ENGR. BERNARD M. BRAGA  Municipal Engineering Office (87) 808-0413
DR. BELEN P. LARROBIS Office on Health Services (87) 808-0393
MS. CIRILA B. COBERO Office on Social Welfare and Development (87) 808-1302
MR. NARCISO J. SAMAR Office on Environment and Natural Resources (87) 808-1581
MS. MARY JUVY B. BONGCAYO Office of the Civil Registry (87) 808-0266
MR. ROBERT R. SIMBAHON Office for Economic Enterprises (87) 808-1367
MR. ALVIN T. CAFE Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office 168
MR. GERALD M. TUGADE Office on General Services (87) 808-1581