45226131Brief Historical Background

The Municipality of Lupon derived its name from the Kalagan native word “NALUPONAN”. This means a body of land accumulated at the mouth of a river resulting from years of continued accretion. The settlers were said to be responsible in abbreviating the word “NALUPONAN” to what is now known as “LUPON”.

Through the successive wave of migration of Muslims and Christians alike, Lupon first became a regular barrio of Pantukan in 1919. After two years, by virtue of Executive Order No. 8, series of 1921, issued by Governor General Francis Burton Harrison , it became a Municipal District with eight (8) barrios under its jurisdiction, namely:

(1) Poblacion,

(2) Sumlog,

(3) Cocornon,

(4) Tagugpo,

(5) Piso,

(6) Maputi,

(7) Langka, and

(8) the barrio of Banaybanay.

Datu Commara Manuel served the Presidential Chair for nine (9) years. It was also about the same period that Lupon was converted into a Muslim sultanate with then Datu Commara Manuel being crowned as Sultan. On August 8, 1948, Lupon was finally elevated into a regular municipality by virtue of an executive order issued by the late President Elpidio Quirino with the late Teodoro Panuncialman serving as the first Municipal Mayor of the constituted township.

At present, the stewardship of the Municipal Government has been vested on the Newly Elected Mayor ERLINDA D. LIM who promised to serve in her best for the interest and general welfare of the Municipality and maintaining the support of the National leadership.